Friday, September 24, 2004

I Didn't Have My Coffee Yet!

This morning as soon as I got out of bed and dressed Meg and I went to Walmart for water and other hurricane supplies. We bought 15 gallons of water,a big cooler and a 6 gallon gas can. "hey," I think to myself, "I'm really on the ball, getting these much sought after items before everyone else." Megan and I check out and head to the car, my beloved little Mazda Miata. Now I had all ready planned how to fit all this stuff into my car. i know its limitations. In the trunk went the cooler, with the gas can inside of it, though sticking above the cooler lid. Packed around the cooler were 12 gallons of water, with the other three gallons going up front with Meg. "Cool," i thought to myself. "I am so ahead of the game." As we were driving home I noticed no line at the Publix gas station so I pulled in to fill up my newly purchased gas can. "I will line the cooler with blue plastic Walmart bags to protect it from gas." I say to Megan. And I did. In hind sight, this is where the lack of coffee starts to become eveident. I fill the can..overfill it actually, and the outside is dripping gas. I take my ever present Dunkin Donuts napkins and mop up what I can, then lift the gas can into the cooler, and bungee cord my trunk shut. Everything is good until I get home and see that gas has leaked out of this weird valve on the can and it has puddled in the cooler and Walmart bags and is melting inside of the cooler into a white mushy mess. I put the gas can in the drive way and hose out the cooler and Walmart bags leaving it all in the driveway to dry. As I shower the gasoline of myself, Megan makes us coffee. MMMMMm coffee. About half way through my cup of coffee it occurs to me, I saw no pouring thing on this can! I run out to the stinky driveway and sure enough, there is no way to pour the gas out of the gas can! I look at the tag attached to the can and find that you need to purchase a squueze bulb, a fuel line and a bunch of other stuff to get the gasoline out. So I have an $11 gas can full of $10 worth of gas and a $20 cooler that is turning into a puddle of mush. I should not be allowed to leave the house until I have had my coffee.

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