Tuesday, September 07, 2004

"Hunker Down!"

This is the new key phrase used by all the media people this past weekend. It is now a local joke.
Meg and I did hunker down while Frances slowly moved across the entire state. It was surreal. Because the power went out there was no sense of time, just dark sky and howling winds continualy for over 48 hours. We didn't sleep much and ended up disoriented and punchy. The best part of the weekend was late Monday morning when Meg and I ventured out and found an open Dunkin Donuts. You'd have thought we had won the lottery, we were so happy. Other than being with out power again, (I'm at Darlenes today,) Nothing terrible happened to us; all our trees blew down during Charley. There are some trees down throughout the neighborhood though.
Things I learned this weekend: Man can not live on Cheetos and chocolate chip cookies alone. I tried. A generator is a thing of beauty and greatly desired by many. A battery operated radio helps keep you sane. I will risk hurricane force winds for a cup of coffee.

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