Monday, September 20, 2004


I woke up suddenly this morning at 6am, (mellisa was at the door,) in the middle of a dream. In it I was at a store and there were strands of gorgeous beads really really cheap and I was so excited about buying them. Then I woke up and realised my bargains were a dream. This happens fairly often in my good dreams, (though most of my dreams are not pleasant.) I find an unbelievable bargain, or have a really deep desire fullfilled, then I wake up. What a bummer. The first time I remember this happening to me I was 5. I dreamt I woke up and there in my bedroom was the vanity, mirror and accoutrements I was coveting. I was so excited, sitting on the stool, brushing my hair, playing with the lotions. I was so happy! Then I woke up. I was so sad I started crying, then I got mad because it wasn't real and i started kicking my bed. I don't kick my bed any more, but I do still wake up and feel like crying sometimes.

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