Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yes I'm Having A Bad Attitude!!

I'm trying to use the internet using a dial up connection, and a sucky PC with inferior Microsoft frustrating! Bright House said we might have cable and internet by Monday. Yeah, I've only been looking forward to the Olymics for a couple of years...I'm sure I haven't missed anything, and hey, its on again in another four years...right???????? We've tried to find an antenna, but there aren't any to be found. All bought up by other people who have Bright House. Direct TV is looking pretty good right now.
Brewier flew up to Ky today to see his Mom and Dad. His Dad should be getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Jessica should be coming to visit this weekend, I have visions of chic flicks and late nights with liberal amounts of coffee thown in for fun.

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