Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Weekend Fun.

It was so much fun having an all girl weekend with Jessica. We spent all day Saturday shopping,went to Oviedo mall to Godiva for chocolate and we were each given a coupon for 2 free truffles in Sept. Thats tomorrow. So where do you think I'll be?
Jess and Meg went out Sat. night so Sarah and I went shopping, (Steinmart 60% off clearance prices sale!} and then ordered carryout from Carrabbas which we ate while watching 50 First Dates. We had a salad with grilled eggplant, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, feild greens and goat cheese that I'm going to try and duplicate tonight.
We still don't have internet. Bright House called us to see if our cable was restored. "Yes" we said, but not the internet. So yesterday they sent someone to check on it. The tech came in, looked at the box and said, "Yeah, its not working. I'll turn in the paper work to have someone come out and check it out. Bright house will call you to make an appointment." So why did I sit at home 4 hours waiting for this guy?
So another hurricane is headed this way. Orlando is in a panic already with water chainsaws and batteries flying off the shelves. I really don't think it will hit, they rarely do: but what if it did? We are still cleaning up after Charley!

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