Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The Weather Is Great, Wish You Were Here.

Because Brewiers Dad is in such poor shape, We drove up to KY, shortly after arriving home from Jesicas graduation, because we left in such a hurry, I keep thinking I forgot to do something.Its hard seeing Brewiers Dad in a chair on oxygen, having trouble breathing and not able to do anything. He has always been strong and healthy, so this is a shock. I am enjoying being up here. It is summer in the traditional sense, It cools down at night with a nice breeze, and I have been sitting OUTSIDE all day..... very unlike Florida summer. I always sleep so well here, better than anywhere else, including my own bed. Brewiers Mom spoils us, making all our favorite foods. Today for lunch was my favorite meal, pinto beans, fried potatos and corn bread. Mmmmm good!

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