Saturday, August 14, 2004

Waiting To Go Home.

We left Brewiers parents this morning heading for home. The corridor 127 yard sales are going on and we stopped at a few, before stopping to visit Kenny and Karri,, where I am presently blogging. I'm anxious to get home and see the damage done by Charley. David and Renee have been watching our house and called to tell us that the 2 big maple trees in the front yard are now lying across the street, and 2 of our palms have blown over. The electricity has been off for a day and will be for several more days, all phone lines are out, and you can't drive thoruogh most of Orlando because of the downed power lines and trees. The one big hurricane and we miss it.On second thought, I think we will end up spending the night here. The thought of no a.c. and a melting refrigerator and freeze are not something I look forward to.

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