Monday, August 16, 2004

No More Trees.

You see pictures of it, but until your are there in person you never realise the true devistation of a hurricane. Our area was one of the worst hit. Our street light is snapped in half, there aren't any trees left. The most amazing thing is our house hasn't any damage. We are still without electricity, I'm at the library on their computer now. We've been told it wiil be a week till power is restored to our grid.
Its interesting to see what everyone else is doing on the 20 or so computers by me. The man behind me is sending a greeting card. The woman next to him is working on a term paper. The girl next to me is I.M.-ing someone. Several people are checking their email, I haven't been successful with that.....I have ebay stuff that sold while I was gone, and need to contact people!!

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