Monday, August 02, 2004

Another Weekend.

Saturday Brewier and I were able to do our usual garage sale date as he was not filming, and we got another great deal. A brand new wine refrigerator, for $50. We bought it from a newly married couple who recieved it as a wedding gift, but hadn't the room or need for it. They even gave us 4 wine glasses from their wedding when we went to pick it up. We garage sale in my Miata, so we often end up going back and picking up purchases in Brewiers car. The refrigerator holds 15 bottles of wine, so its the perfect size for me...and now I don't have to store wine in my closet.
Jake came over for a visit Saturday, and spent the night. His last hurah before school starts today. We went to Mark and Dars for a farwell dinner for Keith. He is moving to Tampa to start a new job. While there Jake and I played a quite a few games of Jenga. Jake didn't use his hands, but prefered blowing really hard to get out the block he wanted. It worked. He has really good lungs!
Yesterday was the perfect rainy Sunday afternoon to just sit around and relax. I asked Megan to redesign my blog anyway she wanted. I like what she came up with but had to change it back because the text was to small me to read! Maybe she can work on it a little more:) Today is the day I told Brewier I would start cooking healthy again. Yeah, I better get stared on that....I think I've forgotten how.

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