Thursday, July 22, 2004

My Day With Jake.

It started at 7am with Jake openng his eyes saying, "Is it morning already? I just closed my eyes!" Actually he fell asleep on the sofa shortly before 10pm, missing the end of "Signs." I'm glad he sleept so well.
We hopped in my car, (after putting the top down at Jakes request,) and went through McDonalds drive thru for sausage biscuts, bringing them home so Jake could eat the sausage seperatly and drench the biscuit in honey. After our delicious meal we got out our scooters and rode the Cady Way trail for half an hour, returning in time for Jakes favorite cartoon. He watched very little of it, preferring instead to help me clean all the kitchen drawers and cabinets. He was greatly impressed with my abundance of gadgets. Cherry pitter, mini ice cream scoop, garlic press.....each thing was marvalled at.
We also made goop, something I hadn't done since the girls were little. Who knew glue and borax could be so fun.
Jake was thrilled at the fact he could put air bubbles in the goop, and make farting noises with it. We were entertained for noise was so loud it scared us and Keith ducked. I laughed till I had tears in my eyes! Jake went home around 3:30 asking when he could spend the night again. Soon I hope.

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