Friday, July 30, 2004

Grumpy Cat.

Yesterday we had our yard treated for fireants. As the pesticide guys were leaving they put a sign in our yard warning people not to let their pets in our yard because it could harm their pets. Sadly, Mr Willow Winks can not read. But he did apparently grow thumbs and let himself out the screen door, ( oh, alright, he didn't grow thumbs he body slammed the door....he is 21 pounds you know.) So after romping in the toxic flora and fauna for an hour, we were able to coax him back inside, where a bath awaited him. Have you ever tried to bathe a 21 pond cat? It took both Megan and I to do the job. Willow spent the rest of the night sulking, and looking grumpy...but hes really clean and soft. I don't think he appreciates that fact.

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