Tuesday, June 01, 2004

The Weekend.

We didn't have any plans for the weekend, and since it was a holiday weekend there were no garage sales Saturday, totally upsetting the balance of my world. Brewier didn't feel well Sat. so we stayed home doing nothing. I hate doing nothing. Somehow I ended up at Renees swimming pool, ordering stromboli for dinner. The day was much improved.
Sunday I took my ionizer to church and was able to stay through the worship service.....I was so thankful, I really miss not being able to go to church. In the afternoon Brewier took me to the outlet mall and I bought a new pair of birkies, brown with cream squiggles.
Yesterday was the Chapels Sunday school picnic. At 9:30am, it was already 89 degrees...by 11:00 we were on our way home with no plans for the day, ( and me with a sulking face.) Brewier suggested driving to Tampa to visit Ray and Jessica, so I called and Jess was thrilled with the idea. So we drove over and spent the afternoon watching a movie with Jess while Ray was at work. I know this is what we probably would have done at home, but it was good to spend time with Jess.
Today I'm watching Sam. We took a morning walk to see Renee and ended up in the pool. Its nice having a friend who wears the same size bathing suit. Sam has no fear of the water, jumping in over his head and bobbing there until rescued. After walking home he asked to take a bath and spent another 45 minutes in the water. He is such an easy child to watch and play with. He has finally learned to say my name. Tricia is always hard for the kids to say. Sam is quite proud of himself for learning my name and walks through the house calling me and smiling....it makes me smile too.

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