Friday, June 18, 2004

I watched Sam yesterday, and one of his favorite things to do is stand in front of the refrigerator peering in. He doesn't want anything, just wants to know whats in there.

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He likes looking in the pantry too. It must be genetic. I Like to see what other people have in their carts at the grocery store, or even better Costco. When I was a kid I Always wanted to know what was in my moms purse. An issue of Life magazine I have from the 1940's has a photo of popular actresses and the contents of their purses. This one is mine.

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3 lipsticks, a chapstick, dental floss, quasi toothbrush ,mints, (my mouth seems to be imortant to me,) benadryl, epipen, ionizer, (as does my ability to breathe,) sunscreen, face blotters,pen, wallet, phone, and keys with a swiss army knife for a keyring. Iusually have sunglasses in there too but they were on my head as I usually forget to take them off, instead wearing them as a headband. I also always have kleenx in there, but was sneezing as I took the picture and had to use them. i have resupplied. Wow, I cant' believe all that fits in my little purse!

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