Wednesday, May 05, 2004

You're Not Two!

So again I pulled Megan off the sofa to venture into the great outdoors.....well ok it was Target, but still, we went out. On our way home There was a professional looking woman in her thirties severely tailgating me. She was also on her phone and flipping through papers not really paying attention to driving, so I kept checking my rear veiw mirror to make sure she wasn't going to slam into us. When we came to a red light she would slam on her brakes ending up just inches from my bumper. As we sat at the stop light I watched her in my rear veiw mirror, and thats when I saw it. She stuck her finger up her nose and picked it. Now I know everyone does it, but it's what she did after the picking that was totally gross. She rolled the booger around in her fingers, looked at it and ATE IT! Megan is my witness, because at every stop sign and red light after that, we would watch her. And she must have had a cold, because she was having a regular old feast back there. I just wanted to get out of my car and give her a tissue...and tell her to stop tailgating.
While at Target we were in the cd section when Meg showed me William Hung's cd. In case you don't watch the news, he was the worst singer to ever audidtion for American Idol....but he had a great attitude. So I guess if you can be the best at being the worst, you are a success...I think?

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