Friday, May 14, 2004

I Need Sleep!!

For the past 2 nights I have woken up at 3am and can't go back to sleep until morning....ughhhh! Its frustrating especially since I have had trouble falling asleep too.
Yesterday Megan and I cleaned out the garage. We pulled all the junk out and swept; even cleaned out cabinets, all in preparation for a garage sale today. I'm hoping to be inside most of the time while Meg and Sara N. sit out in the heat:) Its mostly their stuff any way.
I need to Ebay my stuff. Its alot of china, vinatge clothes and accessories, collectables. This is one of the pitfalls of going to garage sales. Its easy to amass alot of stuff, and right now I'm all about streamlineing.
I didn't have to think about fixing dinner last night, always nice when you're in the middle of a project, because Allison had invited us over for dinner. It was lovely as we sat on their patio, admiring all the new furniture! Poor Emmie has roseolla, after running a very high temp. This did not detract in the least from her cuteness as she chatted with us through dinner.

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