Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Garage Sales!

This Saturday was the best ever for garage sales. I bought a bike from a triathelete, (it was heavier than she liked,) for $20. Another Razor for $5 so Meg can scooter with me, a weber grill and 2 large landscape plants for $15, a red leather train case, a couple books, a vase, and oh yeah, a drexel heritasge dresser and night stand for $75! I am using it for a buffet and an end table. The most impressive thing about Saturday is, except for the bike and furniture, we fit it all in my Miata...of course I had to ride with the bowl of the grill in my lap, but oh so worth it. For the first time ever I was given something a t Garage sale without purchasing anything. I was admiring a silverplated serving piece and asking the older man, (whom Brewier describes as a "character'") what it was for..it was pretty ornate and I found out it was used like a slotted spoon. I put it down, chatted withthe man a bit and started to leave, when he called me back, and told me to take the spoon. He wanted me to have it since I "showed real enthusiasm," for the piece. How nice was that! It all made for a great morning.

My new buffet!

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