Sunday, May 16, 2004

Busy, Busy,Busy!

So our garage sale was pretty successful, I made about $40 and everything that didn't sell Renee hauled away to Goodwill. Now I am motivated to eliminate even more stuff, visions of a clean garage dancing in my head. Now in contradiction to that image, Brewier and I had another very good day of buying things at garage sales. We were able to get 70 sq. feet of porcalein tile, (to remodel the guest bath,) for $40. We are trying to accumulate all we need to do the remodel before we actually start it.....this is Brewiers idea.......I am tempted daily to just start sledge hammering everything in there. Also in the garage are several pieces of furniture awaiting my attention before they can be moved into the house and lots of crown moulding and trim for yet unfinished projets in the house. Yeah, I better get busy.

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