Tuesday, May 04, 2004


So Megan is starting to feel better, her swelling is starting to go down, and advil is taking care of the pain. Thank you for your prayers.
Today I'm yanking Meg off the sofa and taking her out. we'll probably go to Costco so she can buy, "Chasing Liberty." She also has a painting to mail off, (she is selling her work on ebay,) and library books to return. In case I haven't said it enough, "I love our library system." I go online, request the books I want and in a couple days they are delivered to my door. Does any other place do that? That is why I will not move out of Orange County.
Jessica called this morning to say she got her grades..3 a's and 2 b's. She has one summer class and she will have her marketing degree. I am very proud of her. Meg and are hoping to get to visit her soon. I keep hoping she'll take a week off at work and come hang out in Orlando.
And now, its time to shop!

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