Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Weird Weather.

I was letting the cat out this morning and it felt so weird outside I woke up Megan so she could experience the weirdness with me, (and to make sure I wasn't dreaming, though I guess I could have been, but am not.) What drew me outside in the first place was the wind. It was blowing so ferociously, I wanted to stand in it, but as I was standing in the backyard it was the quality of the sun that made me wake up Megan, (that and the fact that it smells strongly of ozone outside and I'm still dealing with the whole spontanious combustion thing.) The sun though shining brightly was not warm like normal Florida sun, but had a flouresent quality making everything look strange, it was very Truman Show-like. Thats when Megan decided the world was controlled by a man named "Herman." Well, she was up last night with a fever.

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