Monday, April 05, 2004

Not Another One!

Today our next door neighbor cut down her 50 foot sycamore tree. This has become a disturbing trend since we moved here 1and1/2 years ago. I complimented our backyard neighbor on his palm trees and he cut them down 2 weeks later. I told him how much I enjoyed the shade from his live oak....yep, he took it down the next month. So I shouldn't have been surprised when Angela told me she was cutting down a beautiful healthy tree. So Megan Sam and I spent the morning watching huge branches brush our house and crash to the ground. Sam kept saying "no, don't" and then when something would hit the ground he'd softly say "oh no!" Yes he was sad too.

The good news is that Brewier is filming for a Discovery Health channel show. He is playing a homeless man who dies, and hes mostly naked through most of the shoot. He did two other films over the weekend. One of them is a gangster hip hop musical. I kid you not. He is plays an FBI agent who sadly, does not sing. In other news, I have still not spontaneously combusted..always a plus.

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