Thursday, April 08, 2004


Nothing gets me more unsetttled than car trouble. I figure your life depends on your car working properly, it would be pretty bad having something fall off or break while you are going 60mph. So while a flat tire isn't the worst, I still hate having to deal with it. I have a nail in my tire. I knew something felt weird with my car as I was zooming down 436. It did't want to obey me, but wobbled around. Fortunately there was a BP station near and not only did they have an air pump, but it was free. Its those little things that makes you realise the Lord is really watching over you. Anyway, I'm waiting for Dar to arrive so I can take my tire to be fixed and she will bring me home, saving me a 2 mile walk which normally I would enjoy but with my torn muscle would cause me some pain.

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