Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Animals Are Carnivores.

I've been listening to Savage Garden's cd, Affirmation. There is a song on there that cracks Megan and I up. Its called "The Animal Song." When the chorus starts, "I want to live like animals," it sounds like they are saying , "I want to live like cannibals." The song goes on about living like animals, wild, free, wind in their hair, with "compassion in the jungle." Compassion in the jungle?? Have they never watched National Geographic? The first time (she was about eight,)Megan saw a lion stalk and hunt down prey she went totally white. As the lion ripped into its dinner she looked at me in shock and said, "Its eating it with its teeth!" I knew it was shock of how graphic the kill was, but I couldn't help it...I started laughing. "Did you think it would use a knife and fork?" I asked? I did go on to comfort her...because I'm not an animal. Check out the cartoon bear at the top of the page at Bearskinrug. He's fun to play with.....and you can feed him. Mmwaahahaha.

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