Tuesday, March 09, 2004

South Beach.

Yesterday Brewier and I drove down to Ft Lauderdale so he could attend an acting class that evening. He still has the lease on the apt. down there so we spent the night. We awoke to a beautiful day made even better by the fresh cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee Brewier got me while I was showering. We have lived in FL almost 20 years and I had never been to Miami, so we decided to drive down there. I now know where all the bad drivers in Orlando go for training. It was really a mess. So was I. I wasn't to interested in going to Miami but rather Miami Beach to see all the art deco architecture. There are so many beautiful buidings. I even found a home for sale I liked!

We drove around a bit and then parked at the very southern end of the beach and got out and walked down to the water admiring the sea glass color of it. I turned around to look at the beach behind us and thats when I noticed most of the women were topless. In thongs. This isn't the first time we've stumbled across beach nudity. About 10 years ago we got up early to take Jessica and Megan to see the sunrise at New Smyrna Beach. We went to the southern most beach, walked down to the waters edge and watched the sun come up. I saw other people arriving and thought nothing about them removing their clothing. We do that too, because we have our swim suits on underneath. These people were not wearing suits, or any thing else, and more and more kept arriving. We walked back to our belongings, (eyes averted the whole way,) and went to a different beach. When I told my mom about our experience she said'" Everyone knows thats the nudist beach!" Everyone but me I guess.

So back to today. We left the nude beach and drove down Ocean Ave admiring all the old and renovated deco buildings. It was only 10:30am but already very crowded and busy, (spring break I later found out.)

It never looks that busy when you watch the travel channel. I was glad I got to see it, but it isn't anywhere I'd want to hang out. And just for you Jessica, Versace's house, (we were parked next to it.) It is an amazing estate that runs along half a block.

We toyed with the idea of driving out to Key West, but we'll save that for another time. We decided to come on home. Home is good.

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