Saturday, March 27, 2004

Its Not Even April 1st!

Brewier loathes pillows...hates them is more like it. The other night he sat down on the sofa and there was a pillow behind him, he grumbled angrily about this pillow and threw it on the floor, (didn't he see it when he went to sit down?) Megan and I thought it was pretty funny.....because he does it almost every night. We thought he needed to see the beauty and comfort of pillows, so while he was watching tv we took all the pillows from around the house and put them on his, (King sized,) know, as a bedtime surprise.

He was, well, I don't know if surprised is the right word.....he said something like, "why are all these pillows on my bed? Where did they come from?" I don't know...pillow fairies? Megan and I thought it was funny....and very comfortable as we plopped down on the bed. Brewier just wanted us to make the pillows go away.

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