Thursday, March 04, 2004

I Hate Oak Pollen!

Does that tell you how I'm feeling this week? My eyes feel like there is sand in them and they are swollen almost shut. I've sneezed and blown my nose so much there is no skin left on it. A pollen count of 400 is considered extremely high. We are at 7000 today. And that is just for the oak. Ahhh spring in Florida. Oh the joy. Brewier is on the phone now ordering an ionic filter for my bedroom, the family room and living room. Being stuck inside wouldn't be so bad except that the weather has been amazingly beautiful. Sunny, in the mid 80's. I'm so thankful I have an "indoor" friend...Sarah. I called her yesterday morning to see if she could visit. She packed up the car and the kids and got here around noon. We hung out, did some internet shopping for her soon to be completed new, (old) house, played with kids, and of course, drank coffee. She had brought stuff so they could spend the night so after putting the kids to bed we called in an order to Carrabbas. Oh so yummy. After Sarah left for home this morning we went to Renees. She gave my hair a trim and modeled a new dress she bought for an upcoming wedding. She also made us Pegasus coffee. Her favorite from when she lived in Seattle. I have to admit I liked it even more than Starbucks. (I'm sorry to shock you like that Jessica, but you will have to try it!) Brewier is coming home tomorrow. He has been gone 2 weeks and I'm anxious to see him again!

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