Friday, February 20, 2004

Feeling Weird.

Meg too. We have both felt out of sorts today. Yesterday we spent the day at Sarahs staying till 10pm. Mark was painting the interior of their new home, right next door to the house they are currently renting. It was a lot of fun to watch the color go up. She has chosen colors that will make it seem like you are inside Starbucks. Cool. This morning Brewier and I went to garage sale near our house and bought some good stuff. I got a brand new Ann Taylor purse for Meg for $5, and a Pottery Barn curtain rod for Jess for $5. Mom, Dick, Melissa and Sam all came over for a visit, so Brewier ran out and got us bagels while I made coffee. The rest of the day is a groggy blur. I think Megan and I have been poisoned by mold. Sarahs house has a problem with it and Moms clothes reeked of it. Its Florida. what else can I say.

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