Sunday, February 22, 2004

A Dead Cow.

Just one of the things I saw along side the road as we drove through Sanford on the way to the beach. This is not a rural area. I saw no farms. As we approached I thought it looked like a cow, but surely it was a BIG pile of trash bags or something. No, it was a huge bloated cow. A few miles later on the shoulder of the road was a legless office chair. About a mile after that in the ditch were huge bird wings raised up toward the sky. They were attached to a big bloated dead bird. Yuck! What goes on in Sanford on Saturday nights anyway? Megan says the cow was sitting in the chair and the bird swooped down and picked them up but they were to heavy and he dropped them and the died from the effort. Works for me.

Brewier just found out he got a part in a film that will be dubbed into Japanese and shown in Japan. He films tomorrow at noon. Then he goes down south to start an interim job at a nursing home down there. It will be nice to get a paycheck again!

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