Saturday, January 03, 2004

Lost in a Book

Jessica has been enjoying reading "The Time Travelers Wife," whenever she has a coffee at Barnes and Noble and recommended it to me. I started reading it yesterday afternoon, and have done little else since. It really is a great book that I hope to finish by tonight. I did get my closet cleaned yesterday. Its the only walk in closet in the house so all the Christmas presents get hidden there along with the wrapping paper, out of season flower arrangements, spare linens, and so on. The closet is in great shape now, but I realised that alot of the stuff in there I dont wear or use. Then there is the whole issue of my vintage clothing, handbag and jewelry collection. I love vintage and have been amassing it
since I was in high school. unfortunately I have reached the age where it no longer looks cool on me, it just makes me look old. So the question is , what do I do with all of it??

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