Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Today I went to Walmart and bought a bunch, ( 5 kinds and close to 30 yards,) of fabric for a dollar a yard. I can hardly wait to start sewing. I think I'll start with drapes for the family room.

Sarah, along with Ellie and Ethan came over for lunch today. Ethan is walking and quite proud of himself. Ellie spent alot of time playing with the doll house and talking about decorating ideas she has. The Nix's stopped by in the evening and Ethan and Eva were able to play together...they really enjoyed each others company. I just realised 3 of my closest friends have babies that are about a year old and the babies all have names starting with the letter "E." How unusual, and why didn't that click with me before? Emmaline, Ethan And Eva. And Ellie who is 5.

Ethan and Ellie at the piano.

Eva and Ethan giving kisses to each other.

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