Friday, January 02, 2004

Happy New Year!

New years eve was alot of fun, with Sarah, John, Trent and Allison, (and their children,) all spending the night. We stayed up playing games, talking, and eating. Trent had brought a bottle of Vodka that had been given to him a year ago. We didn't really know what to do with it, (we are a wine crowd,) but John asked if we could make "buttery nipples" with it. Say what??? It's a drink, he said, so we got on the internet and found it, along with a whole lot of drinks whose names I couldn't repeat to my friends let alone ever order at a bar. We didnt have any of the ingredients for buttery nipples, so we drank the wine and the vodka went back home with Trent. I went to bed around 2am. At 7am I hear all this banging on the windows. I go out on the back porch and I see Ethan in the guest room window ,banging away on it with a glow stick. Than Ellies little smiling face appears and I hear her saying, "Tricia is up now!" Apparently Ethan had been awake since 5:30 and he and Ellie were happy to be able to escape the confines of the bedroom. It wasn't long before Allison and Emmaline came out and joined us, while the two daddies slept. We all sat around drinking coffee and eating donuts while the kids played with the confetti and streamers that were strewn all over the house. Everyone left around 1:00 and after showering, Brewier and i went driving around with the top down; it was a gorgeous day. We ended the day at David and Renees for a meal of hoppin john, collards and cornbread. Oh so good.

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