Monday, January 12, 2004

Coffee Beans.

Greg and Sam surprised us with a visit this morning, and that is always a good reason to make coffee. Sam followed me into the kitchen and when I pulled the coffee beans out of the refrigerator, he became very excited, saying, "coffee!" I thought he wanted a cup of coffee, (he loves the stuff,) But Greg said, "He wants to eat the beans." I gave him one and sure enough, "crunch, crunch, crunch." And he wanted more, so I gave him another. "Crunch, crunch, crunch." I started walking to the living room with the bag of beans and Sam followed me through the house asking for more. I gave him one more, then he got out a tupperware container, wanting me to put some in it. Greg said 3 was his limit, that he would eat the whole bag if we let him. The funny thing is that Sam doesn't like the chocolate covered beans, just straight espresso for him.

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