Saturday, December 20, 2003


Yesterday was a busy day! Megan and I spent the morning with Greg and Sam, doing some Christmas shopping, then going out for lunch. I had water with lemon and I gave the lemon to Sam to play with. He would bite it and then make the most terrible face, then he would bite the lemon again. I spent the afternoon getting things ready for dinner as Trent and Allison were coming over. I was almost finished making the alfredo sauce when I saw Trent And Allisons car pull up. They walked in the house and behind them were Renee David and Olivia, then in came Darlene Mark and Keith; all sayinf surprise!
It was a surprise Birthday party Brewier had planned! Since my birthday isnt till next week, I was very surprised. They all brought food, and presents, and we had a good time sitting aroun talking.

Mark Darlene and Keith gave me a crayon maker. You know, for my inner child.

Sams lemon face.

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