Monday, December 29, 2003


I think the evil cold has returned.....ahchoo! Megan just left for the Rise Up confrence in Charlotte and Brewier and I have been looking forward to having the house to ourself, so I cant be sick! I went and picked oranges off my neighbors tree today. They are so good and she said to pick as many as I want as often as I want. Yum! I have a big bag of grapefruit from another neighbor so there is no lack of vitamin c here. Yesterday as Brewier and I were driving to the store we saw a refrigerator sitting out for the trash truck. On the refrigerater was a full set of magnetic poetry, so Brewier parked the car and pulled off all the magnets.....and they are good words too. Not like the set I bought at a garage sale only to find out when we got home that it was the erotic set. Not really appropriate for the kids, but fun for us. We just put the words up really high.

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